Traditional Wedding

During my traditional wedding, I realised how little I know about my culture and tradition and I do not like the fact women are disadvantaged by many culture and tradition. I am not saying that tradition and culture are bad, no, in fact, I love culture, this is a big part of who I am, I love the fact that in Nigeria alone, we have so many types of languages, food and fashion. This helps tell many people apart, which was/ is also one of our biggest problem in the world, as well as our blessing.

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I hate what I see

Hello and welcome,

I find myself being in conflict with myself most times. Because I know who I am, and what I look like, sometimes, I look at myself in the mirror and hate what I see. Most people say we were not born to know the difference between race, gender, body types etc. However, some have grown up believing in so many false descriptions of who they are or what they should be.

“Oh, you should not eat this or that, can’t you see your mother and her genes, you will end up like that, UGLY!” or “if you bleach your skin you will be marriable” or “when you are in a room with 6 men, 5 of them will want to sleep with you”. Don’t you just find it funny that your beauty is the same thing that causes people to assume you are dumb? Or being comfortable with your curves and your body is the reason why you should be raped.

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Nigerian Fashion: IMAD EDUSO


Welcome back,

This is a post on Nigerian Fashion designer @ImadEduso who I so love. I love supporting my own, as they say, charity begins at home. I will always be a Nigerian through and through. In fact, the few things I would love to be categorised by is FEMALE – NIGERIAN – CHRISTAIN who saves the world with ART through FASHION.

Imad Eduso is such an amazing brand and if you are ever looking for that statement outfit that would finish your perfect look, they are the go-to brand. I have worn this white top serval times now and you could not even pay me to stop, only because I love everything about this top. This is the first take on @Imadeduso, stay tuned for more looks.

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Nigerian Fashion: Tubo


Welcome, I hope you are doing okay? This is a sneak peek of an old outfit I have not yet shared with you.
So, I am a big fan of anything #buynigeria and I am in awe of how creative and talented Nigerians are.

From the discovery of oil, the oil sector within Nigerian grew and this became the main source of the economy within Nigeria. But I strongly believe there has been a shift. Nigerian is full of creative geniuses. It gets me so frustrated that Nigerians do not harness their creativity but rather choose the norm to study a degree in an institution that hardly gets them anywhere. Now folks, don’t get me wrong, I am an advocate for education, however in an environment such as Nigeria where your education does not guarantee a job, the focus should be given to investing in skills such as weaving, tailoring, building, pottery and similar. The Nigerian entertainment industry surely proves this.

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Afro Beauty

Not the girl you use to Know?… well, it’s still me, the only difference is my hair colour (obviously lol). I tried going natural once, but gave up very quickly when I realised how much I love wigs, sleek wigs!! I still do. Going natural has been a bit challenging I must add, especially because I find natural hair very difficult to maintain, compare to wearing wigs. I have personally come to realise that part of accepting me, is to embrace my roots, which might be very hard.

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