Mad Hatter

So as a person who loves fashion and the planet earth, there is often a clash with what I need during a fashion season and what is good for the environment.

I find that I have too many clothes, shoes, accessories, bags and wigs (yes, wigs!), I am fortunate enough to have great friends and family who help me clear my wardrobe for new things, I know, I actually have issues…  Anyway, I love to use unique pieces to create more outfits. This is a post on how I have worn my red hat which is a simple accessory in five ways.

If you do not know by now, I am a hat, headwrap kind of girl, I think it’s because I am really trying to hide my big head from the world! Uhrm, obviously I’m just joking, or am I!!! Oh yeah, back to my thing for hats, I find this is often the best accessory that can be used to finish an outfit. I bet you have yours too, could it be a pair of court shoes, a bag, jewellery? You can literally plan several outfits with that one item. I have too many other items that have been recycled to create outfits which I will also post on the blog, so be sure to stay tuned.

My best type of hat is any hat with an extremely wide brim, the brim is very important to me as I can often hide in the roundness of the hat…

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