BACK TO: 70’s

Hello, how are you doing and sorry for not uploading any post lately. This is a shoot I did three weeks ago (cover my face). I am so in love with this HM flare sleeves jumper, paired with this vintage patch mini skirt. I hope you like the look.

Did you know for a skirt or dress to be consider as mini it had to be about 20cm+ from the waistline down and must be above the kneel, the mini started from the late 60’s but by the 70’s it was a full blow out of minis. This off course was usually paired with boots and mini heels shoes.


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BACK TO: 70’s

Hello and welcome back, hope you have had a good week so far… I got the inspiration for this disco look from a tiny spec of 70 fashion, this look is somewhat similar to 80’s fashion. The reason for the similarity is because most designers predicted fashion trends way before the beginning of the next era. This month I will be focusing on different type of 70’s looks from flowers power to Victorian ruffles.

Some timelines in the 70’s – In 1973 Great Britain join the EU, mobile phones were introduced,  in 1974 Beverly Johnson was the first Black model featured on the cover of Vogue magazine. Arthur Ashe the first black man wins Wimbledon in 1975. In 1976 Apple computer was co-founded by Steve jobs and off course the first prime minister in Britain was Margaret Thatcher in 1979.



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BACK TO: 80’s

Hello people, how are you doing? so this post is just a bit on 80’s fashion. What is the first thing you think of when you hear of 1980’s fashion? Could it be the extremely padded shoulders, sequins, statement jewellery, shiny and textured fabric, high waist trousers and of course thick waist belts. Let us also not forget the big hairstyles and heavy makeup. I chose this top which was nicked from the bestie to illustrate my view on 80’s.

The moment I saw this top, I saw the future from the past, the ruffle in the balloon sleeves, waist line, shoulders and very low back and front neckline. All of the details I have just stated are details from various eras in fashion; just like the 21’s century fashion, many of the 80’s fashion styles were recycled from different previous eras.


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BACK TO: 50’s

Good evening, hope you are doing okay!  This is the first of BACK TO series that I would be showcasing on different era’s, consisting of quirky shoes, box bags, pillbox hat, flares etc. As much as I’m a futuristic fashion stylist, I appreciate the complex and simplicity of vintage fashion starting with the 50’s

 Now the question is, would I have preferred to be born in the 50’s era? Off course not!!! but I would have loved to be present when the Immigration Act was introduced; Queen Elizabeth 11 Coronation; the first Miss World; Givenchy’s first Fashion show; Barbie Doll invention for kids; Motown Records etc.
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