Culture in Fashion

So, Culture is the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. For culture to work it starts with one person’s behaviour which eventually spread like a wildfire.

What is my current culture of fashion? well this is a long list of things but these are a few;

  • I am not FAT
  • I am not an UGLY BLACK GIRL
  • I do not need to be PERFECT
  • My style is my STYLE
  • I know my pocket and what I CAN AFFORD
  • Everyone cannot love me but I a few people who REALLY LOVE ME

It is important to remind yourself of these things because it is so easy for people and social media to make you feel otherwise.

Social Media has made us see things differently and sometimes we become less emotional and responsive with things happening in life, such as the bombings happening around the world, women still are used as sex slaves, children being forced to be breadwinners by starting work at an early age or given away into marriage.

I currently do not have the capability to help as much as I want to, yet,  besides offering some financial aid when I can or just being a shoulder to lean on. When I think of how sad the world is and what I want to help the people and the world heal from the sadness. So, I have chosen to choose a culture where I do not get consumed by the pretty material things in life but try to be more present.

Anyways back to the culture of fashion. ONE pant worn in many ways but I am just showing two ways I have styled it. I hope you like it.

Thank you for passing by, untill next time.

Love YOU… Love ALL…


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