I hate what I see

Hello and welcome,

I find myself being in conflict with myself most times. Because I know who I am, and what I look like, sometimes, I look at myself in the mirror and hate what I see. Most people say we were not born to know the difference between race, gender, body types etc. However, some have grown up believing in so many false descriptions of who they are or what they should be.

“Oh, you should not eat this or that, can’t you see your mother and her genes, you will end up like that, UGLY!” or “if you bleach your skin you will be marriable” or “when you are in a room with 6 men, 5 of them will want to sleep with you”. Don’t you just find it funny that your beauty is the same thing that causes people to assume you are dumb? Or being comfortable with your curves and your body is the reason why you should be raped.

I do not want to rant on, I just want to say that I am sick of us not knowing what to say, without realising that, what we say will forever be remembered by the person receiving it.

I present you a girl with round face and chubby cheeks, the girl that has a big stomach and big breast, the girl that is sometimes seen as a dumb person because of the way she processes information, the girl that often talks too much and is too loud… This Girl is ME, and I shed myself of the labels that might be true and false and I wear the new face of what I would love to be known by. Because of this new face I wear, I now love the girl I am staring at in the mirror. WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF?

Thank you for passing by, until next time…

LOVE you, LOVE all.


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