Nigerian Fashion: Tubo


Welcome, I hope you are doing okay? This is a sneak peek of an old outfit I have not yet shared with you.
So, I am a big fan of anything #buynigeria and I am in awe of how creative and talented Nigerians are.

From the discovery of oil, the oil sector within Nigerian grew and this became the main source of the economy within Nigeria. But I strongly believe there has been a shift. Nigerian is full of creative geniuses. It gets me so frustrated that Nigerians do not harness their creativity but rather choose the norm to study a degree in an institution that hardly gets them anywhere. Now folks, don’t get me wrong, I am an advocate for education, however in an environment such as Nigeria where your education does not guarantee a job, the focus should be given to investing in skills such as weaving, tailoring, building, pottery and similar. The Nigerian entertainment industry surely proves this.

Up until 2016, I had not been to Nigeria for ten years and frankly, I was not sure what to expect when I arrived. A lot of people told me the Nigeria I use to know had changed and I had seen some changes via media, however, it’s never the same when you are actually there in person. It breaks my heart to see a significant number of the population suffering and the average thought is thinking that life would be better if they left Nigeria.

I remember speaking to a guy called Femi, a recent graduate who was one of my uber drivers in Lagos, I asked him about his ambition in life. His response was a shock to me, but apparently, this is the norm with most underprivileged people in Nigeria (can you blame them). Femi told me about his American student visa for his masters and he had no intention of returning to Nigeria, instead, he plans to find an American Lady (White to be specific) to marry in order to get a green card.

His mentality is that it is better for him to be illegal in a different country than to be legal in Nigeria. Now I have seen people who have lived as illegal immigrants. I would never advise it (this is another post for another time) and this clearly should not be a lifestyle to aim for.

ANYWAY, back to subject at hand! Fashion… This is a post on one of the most talented young fashion designer that I love TUBO.
Thank you for passing through, until next time.

LOVE all… LOVE you…

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