Is my hair not natural enough?

Today a couple of ladies said to me they liked my hair and the way I styled it, I extended my gratitude to them and added that natural hair is hard work, immediately they replied explaining to me how my hair is only 80% natural because I dyed it. I was taken aback by that statement and tried to compose my words wisely.

I was so upset by the statement; I really want to know this; does the fact I wear makeup mean am not a natural woman? I really wanted to say more like if they want to be natural then they should strip themselves of the things that make an individual 80% natural.  In fact, why not go out naked and let’s all see you in your natural glory, yeah? (please don’t do that)

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Pleated Skirts

Hello, In case you have you not noticed, I love my skirts. I can wear skirts from now till thy kingdom come. This is just a couple of looks on how I styled my pleated skirt.

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Afro Beauty

Not the girl you use to Know?… well, it’s still me, the only difference is my hair colour (obviously lol). I tried going natural once, but gave up very quickly when I realised how much I love wigs, sleek wigs!! I still do. Going natural has been a bit challenging I must add, especially because I find natural hair very difficult to maintain, compare to wearing wigs. I have personally come to realise that part of accepting me, is to embrace my roots, which might be very hard.

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Sliver and Bronze


I hope you are doing good, I have been away from blogging for a very long time due to a lot of personal reasons.

Anyway I am back and I have a lot of ideas I hope you would like but for now, it is about this gorgeous metallic look.

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Designer Sample Sale

I am a big believer of shopping unique designer items. However, I do not believe in their prices especially as a freelance stylist. So what I sometimes do is hunt for the designer sample sales or normal designer sales, I tend to find and learn more about unique high-end brands (Micheal Kors, Blumarine, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Mayrafedane etc). I love being unique with my style, so as a way to achieve this I find items I love that express who I am in Fashion.

The one and only designer sale is a place I visit to buy designer items, the first time I was there I brought a set of MAWI necklace and earrings for a total of £250 and the combined RRP was £1600, now this is what I call a bargain. This sale occurs every month and the next one is in October, you can follow them on social media but I will be reminding you of the sale closer to the time.

Below are a list of my favourite items and my best buys


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