Designer Sample Sale

I am a big believer of shopping unique designer items. However, I do not believe in their prices especially as a freelance stylist. So what I sometimes do is hunt for the designer sample sales or normal designer sales, I tend to find and learn more about unique high-end brands (Micheal Kors, Blumarine, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Mayrafedane etc). I love being unique with my style, so as a way to achieve this I find items I love that express who I am in Fashion.

The one and only designer sale is a place I visit to buy designer items, the first time I was there I brought a set of MAWI necklace and earrings for a total of £250 and the combined RRP was £1600, now this is what I call a bargain. This sale occurs every month and the next one is in October, you can follow them on social media but I will be reminding you of the sale closer to the time.

Below are a list of my favourite items and my best buys


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Cosy in Fur

Hello and welcome back to the blog, how have you been? Hope the cold has not been biting you to the UK followers, the weather is so cold it’s so unreal, but thanks to this lovely #fauxfur I simply end up sweating.

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