Cosy in Fur

Hello and welcome back to the blog, how have you been? Hope the cold has not been biting you to the UK followers, the weather is so cold it’s so unreal, but thanks to this lovely #fauxfur I simply end up sweating.

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Metallic Suit

Hello, hope you are doing good so far.

So… most ladies dislike the concept of suiting up because it might make them feel masculine. Well, maybe am just a rebel because when it comes to a well-tailored suit am totally in. One should not be afraid of wearing a suit and if you can, dress the suit up from time to time.


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Colours of Autumn

Well Hello, I truly apologise for having gone MIA, I hope you have been good, I have been up and down like the UK weather lol, but good in general. For those who have the pleasure of experiencing up to 4 seasons of the weather, welcome to autumn!!! I have a love and hate relationship with winter only because of the layers, but I love coats and jackets, does that sound confusing lol? If I could I would wear next to nothing under my big coats but guaranteed, I will definitely freeze.

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