Traditional Wedding

During my traditional wedding, I realised how little I know about my culture and tradition and I do not like the fact women are disadvantaged by many culture and tradition. I am not saying that tradition and culture are bad, no, in fact, I love culture, this is a big part of who I am, I love the fact that in Nigeria alone, we have so many types of languages, food and fashion. This helps tell many people apart, which was/ is also one of our biggest problem in the world, as well as our blessing.

I honestly did not want to have a wedding, talk less of a traditional wedding, but as this was very important to people we loved we had to do it. I would like to say I know why Akwa Ibom brides dress the way they do with the George material (similar to the Indian Sari) or even the hair piece with combs in them, but I do not know.

So… this traditional wedding has raised a lot of question myself and my family cannot answer, maybe its because we have embraced a different culture based on the part of Nigeria we were born in Lagos and my grandparents who were in a better place to educate us are not around to do ;(. I have come to find that many Nigerians do not understand their tribal history, I am sadly part of those Nigerians.

Growing up in Lagos Nigeria, I learnt a lot about Yoruba culture and even had to learn the language in school. I understand why they have tribal marks on their faces and what it meant, I learnt a lot about their gods, but I do not know anything about my state. In fact, I do not even know how to speak my language nor have I ever been to my state, sad right! My question for you is this, where are you from and what do you know about the History of your people?…

Thank you for passing through.

Till next time

Love YOU… Love ALL

Wearing: Dress by @tubo


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