Our First destination on our honeymoon was Phuket, Thailand. I must say, Trisara is one of the best hotel/resort I ever have had a pressure of staying at.

From the moment we landed we were welcomed with our names on a sign by a member of the Trisara team, who was waiting to take us through immigration. This was such a swift, no fuss and no hassle process. We went through immigration and picked up our luggage in approximately 10 minutes from landing. Ik and I both flew into Phuket using Emirates, which is always a pleasure, transiting at Dubai, this consisted a total of 16ish hours travel journey, exhausting right?

The food, oh, what can I say about this other than being spoilt with too much option for great food. I would not really recommend the cocktails though, maybe because I prefer the way it is made in London, UK. The service was impeccable, to say the least. Outstanding through and through, from the cleaners to the managers, I was very pleased.

During our stay, Trisara was kind to offer Ik and I a 15 minutes photo shoot and as we were already in the spirit of photoshoots, I decided to shoot a look from my all time favourite designer TUBO.

I remember seeing this top with Tubo and straight away I loved and wanted it. As Tubo gets my figure, this quickly creating there is a problem called bankruptcy from my part. As I am a tad bit in love with Tubo, how much you ask? Well for starters I went to Nigeria looking for a wedding dress designer for all my dresses and bridesmaid dresses, I had a different designer in mind but as Tubo was the first designer I saw, that was it. I was sold on the brand and did not even think of seeing any other designer, anyway that is another post for another day.

Back to this sexy ass top, I think it is important to highlight that I am NOT wearing a bar in this top. WHATTT!!!, Yeah, I am not wearing a bra. For those people who are blessed enough to have a portable size breasts, this is great because they don’t have to worry so much about this struggle, but for us F cuppas, we have to seriously rely a lot on bras ;(. So, you can only imagine the joy I get when I wear this top from Tubo with my bits still standing at attention 🙂

Okay! that’s enough breast talk, but honestly, don’t you just love how this corset top cliches my waist. I understand my somewhat unique figure and I truly appreciate it when I find brands who help me show how sexy I know I look (that’s the gospel truth too). As I wanted to create an even greater illusion of a smaller waist, I paired this top with a skater pleated skirt, straw hat and a bag designed by me.

Anyway, that is it from me for now, thank you for passing by… until next time.

LOVE you, LOVE all.

WEARING: Straw Boater HatSaint Laurent M1 Sunglasses in BlackPleated skater skirt,  Christian Louboutin Pumps, Cane Box Bag, Tubo Top


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